The Most Familiar

When the theme “no where to go” was announced I immediately thought of house poems. So here is mine. The Most Familiar Where When inertia weighs on me like stones in a suicide’s pocket there is nowhere to go but home.                             … Continue reading

What Homes Are For

This month’s theme is “Nowhere to Go.” I tried to write a poem about Dorothy and the Wizard and how she could never actually go home. Sure, she’d go to Kansas and see her aunt and uncle again, but it wouldn’t be the same. She’d be different. Her home would be much smaller somehow. I … Continue reading

Notes From an Insomniac

This is an integration of the common psalm about time and the iOs notes from my iPhone( in italics). The time stamp matches up to the following note. A little bit of found poetry, if you will. Notes From an Insomniac   To everything there is a season A time (7:29 am Feb.1) for every … Continue reading