Common Company was a song that became a band that became an idea, which I feel captures what I most want to do as a next step in music. The question on my mind is, ‘What is the venue for music?’ And the answer seems resoundingly mp3. Or at a bar or coffee house on a stage. But I think we can do more.

The mp3 venue is seductive, as music files can be replicated at a cost of next to zero. However, there is an industry which makes this replication illegal by and large. Unless it’s a home recording, it’s not very viable.

The bar/ coffeehouse venue is fun. Usually the musician(s) walk away with comp’d drinks and enough cash to cover the gas. It involves inviting those friends you have made through that social networking website you’ve spent the last 6 years developing (now you know why). You stand in front of a crowd of mostly familiar people and make them laugh, or at least stare blankly at you for some time, and hopefully wow them enough/ not bother your friends too much so that they will come see you again.

My complaint is that in order to play at any bar again, you’ll need to stoop to at least some level of social prostitution to get these people to come buy drinks and watch you jam. And in my experience, rare is the bar for which it is worth stooping.

This website is my venue. Here I will post videos, mp3s, and anyone may watch. It’s also sort of a soap box. Yes, it may take some social prodding to get anybody to navigate their Netscape Explorers to this page, but at least it won’t be for a venue which I do not respect. And the best part about doing it here is that it doesn’t matter when people are free or not to play or to watch. It can be done on a break. Or after dinner. And the drinks are cheap.


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