Say Sorry

Court wrote this number a few years back, and it has stuck with me as a message so intent on being honest that it becomes painful to accept.

A note from the songwriter:

I’ve had moments in which I wanted to be honest with someone but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  In fact, much of my life has been spent harboring guilt or resentment over mistruths told and truths omitted.  This song is about one of the largest exceptions to that trend: a situation in which I couldn’t help but be honest, and have always regretted it.

When a relationship ends less than amicably and those feelings of intense anger, bitterness and betrayal remain, the obvious answer is to avoid the other person until those feelings have had some time to fade.  But supposing, as was the case in my situation, that the majority of your friends are mutual friends – forcing you into social situations with the object of your loathing – you become resigned to simply being civil when interacting with him or her.

And you even start to believe it’s possible to be civil.  Maybe you’ll even be friends.

Until the next time you meet.

Something takes over, and it takes more will than you can muster to keep from airing all of those old, seemingly-forgotten, terrifically unimportant grievances.

Music and lyrics by Court Hoang
Harmony by James West

Look for Court’s new album “Compass Rose” in iTunes this fall!


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