Notes From an Insomniac

This is an integration of the common psalm about time and the iOs notes from my iPhone( in italics). The time stamp matches up to the following note. A little bit of found poetry, if you will.

Notes From an Insomniac


To everything there is a season

A time (7:29 am Feb.1) for every purpose under the

sun just came up. I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours.

I have a  headache and I need a glass of  water. 

A time to be born

A time (1:43 am Mar.22) to die

I do not have an endless supply 

A time (12:30 am Mar.1) to plant                  

Shopping List

apples,milk,eggs,Chex,crasins, slaw mix

green onion,cilantro, avocado x2, limes

tomatoes,bananas,sale fruit

A time (11:36am) to pluck up what has been planted

Jan 11th- Feb. 11th $62.99 of $120 grocery budget

A time to kill

A time (4:54am Dec.14, 2:56am Nov.2) to heal

every day I will do something good for me. I will make myself healthier. 

drop off prescription @ CVS

A time (5:22pm Apr. 6) to weep

sadness, longing, disappointment

  A time (2:45am Nov.2) to laugh

I wish I was drunk

A time to mourn

A time (2:45am Nov.2) to dance

I wish I was drunk

A time (7:29am Feb.1) to embrace

I know I hate being apart

A time (2:45am Nov.2) to refrain

I wish I was drunk

A time to lose

A time ( 7:29am Feb.1) to seek

can be sought here. With me. With us

A time to rend

A time ( 8:00pm Mar.14) to sew

green top w/skirt and sandals

elephant dress and cardigan

A time (5:22pm Apr.8) to keep silent

I am too tired to push another conversation.

I just can’t talk to you.

A time to speak

A time (7:29am Feb.1) to love

I wonder if I love him more than he does me. I wonder if it matters.

Am I settling or just accepting 

that everyone does not love the same way?

A time ( 2:39am Nov.2) to hate

I wish I wrote to calm the demons in my head,

it seems to only stir them up

A time ( 2:18pm Dec.29) for war

“The sun beats lightning on the waves,

Waves fold thunder on the sand.

The  Bottom of the sea is cruel” – Hart Crane

A time( 7:29am Feb.1) for peace

and to sleep. But my mind is not ready yet.


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