Where’s my Participation Trophy?

This is my first post here. Apologies for being late to the party. Actually the theme for the month struck home to me. There are plenty of times that I wonder what I’m doing with my life. Why aren’t I more accomplished? After all, I’m a millennial. I’m alive, and I showed up. So… Where … Continue reading

I’d Like You to Know Who I am

Five bars boxed conceal my fate, opulent stiff trees sit outside an iron grate. I can’t leave this prison for I’m the secret’s committee– my captors want the source of my surreptitious serendipity. In the surreal landscape stood a man laying in the vertical catamaran; he’s not a man queer and unknown, but a queer … Continue reading

Satanism is Boring

Finding communities post-college can be difficult, as college has the neat advantage of a community already built in. More than that, there were always people to do things with—have a smoke with, take shots with, gossip and flirt and loiter with, and, on occasion, study with. After college, in the maze of cubicles that has … Continue reading

The Wax Castle

February’s theme is integration.  I have a hard time taking the things I know to be true and making them a part of myself. I think a lot of people have this problem too. I have been told “You’re smart,” or “You haven’t gained that much weight, really,” or “You’re a good person,” or “It’s … Continue reading

The Melding

He hissed as a drop of the hot resin landed painlessly on a cluster of neurons.  Connection severed, no longer could he remember his first time with Kim.  Was it good?  Did the seatbelt buckle dig into his back?  Did she make those soft almost mewling sounds that set his every fiber on fire?  He … Continue reading


and its not amnesia not exactly its like   i bought my head at a consignment store and then they changed   addresses and the other one the new one is over in a different city   that would take so much gas and effort to get to and i lost the receipt anyways   … Continue reading